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Glow Drivers
RCATS Smart Lithium Glow Driver

The Smart Lithium Glow Driver is the first commercially available glow plug driver utilizing lithium battery technology to provide a means for power. This unique unit allows for unrivaled longevity between charges. Depending on your usage, the glow driver is estimated to last over a year before needing recharging! The Smart Lithium Glow Driver also includes many powerful features that makes starting your engine easy and just as enjoyable as your flying. Smart Driver with optional delay use internal switch to select between no delay or an added 5-second delay.


Two Lithium-ion cells to achieve 5200mAH capacity.
Long battery life (over 1 year with normal use).
Initial slow inrush of current lengthens glow plug life.
High current capability!  (Delivers up to 5A)
Adjusts current automatically to keep the plug lit.
Strong enough to keep a glow plug lit under water!
Built in Lithium-ion charger. Simply plug in the adapter and the unit charges in several hours.
Built in safety circuitry prevents over/under charge.
Pause/Reset button, Auto shut-off after 90 seconds of non-use.
Attractive, translucent blue case keeps electronics safely sealed from fuel and oils.
Easy to read LED bar graph
Sonic-Tronics 1.5" Plug Lock Standard. (Optional Sonic-Tronics 3.5" Plug Lock available below)
Qty: Price: $124.95
RCATS Glow Driver Protective Glove

GET the BOOT, Whether you call it a boot or glove, this shock-absorbing cover will help keep your Smart Driver working properly. Extend the life of your RCATS Lithium Glow Driver with this protective slip-on cover.  Pop-out stand props driver up for better view of LED’s during starting.

  Dark Blue
Optional Sonic Tronic
  1.5" Pluglock
  2.5" Pluglock
3.5" Pluglock
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Du-Bro Kwik Klip II
  Kwik Klip II
Kwik Klip II (Extra Long)
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